Fullerton Guitars are custom handcrafted to meet your specific musical and artistic needs.  You  will no longer have to search music stores endlessly looking for that guitar that plays and looks the way you want. 


Dave, the master luthier, will interview you to determine your musical requirements.  Sandra, the inlay artisan, will design an inlay to complement your musical and artistic vision.  The end result is a guitar that truly expresses “you”.


Fullerton Guitars offers a variety of carefully selected master grade tonewoods.  Dave’s knowledge of wood response enables him to assist you in selecting a wood that will ensure that your guitar responds and sounds the way you want.  As your guitar is being constructed, Sandra will be designing and crafting your inlay art.  You can select many designs from traditional patterns, custom art, or even a pearl rendering of your tattoo!


Dave, Fullerton Guitar’s master luthier has been building musical instruments for over 20 years.  Dave is a member of the Guild of American Luthiers and the Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans.  Each guitar is a reflection of Dave’s commitment and pride in producing a quality instrument.


Sandra, Fullerton Guitar’s inlay artisan was trained by David Nichols, whose work is seen on many well known brand guitars, particularly custom shop productions.  David’s high standards are transferred to his students and Sandra strives to always produce artwork that meets or exceeds these standards.



We are currently under construction.  Please send us an email to dave@fullertonguitars.com and we will notify you when the full site is up.  Thanks,

Dave and Sandra